Special report on Enterprise group (E.T) a Canadian energy and construction services company who just announced a share buy back program. To read report enter email.

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Symbol IMH.C
Exchange Canadian Exchange

The truth about Invictus: IMH.C

A million dollar dividend.

..What do you mean that a 2-yr old, sleepy little pot stock is about to announce a $0.10 per share dividend? That just doesn't happen in this space!

Dividend is a word you never hear in the micro-cap space..ever. A 10% yield?!? GTFO of here... "More pro, less bro" as my good friend John Fowler famously said. It makes guys laugh every time they hear it because you know exactly what it means. That's IMH. If there's one word to summarize Dan Kriznic, the CEO and founder of IMH and how heā€™s running the ship; it's Professional. Read more>>



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