Special report on Enterprise group (E.T) a Canadian energy and construction services company who just announced a share buy back program. To read report enter email.

Maple Leaf Green World CEO Raymond Lai on Growing Cannabis in the U.S.


Maple Leaf Green World Inc (CVE:MGW)(OTCMKTS:MGWFF)(FRA:4HV) has a different approach to participating in the exploding cannabis industry: its going to grow in both the United States and Canada. CEO Raymond Lai joins us to explain.

Listen to the podcast interview with Bruce Linton:

Transcript: (Edited for clarity)

James West:    Raymond, thank you so much for joining us today.

Raymond Lai:   You’re welcome, James.




Enterprise Group’s Subsidiary Calgary Tunneling Taking Infrastructure National


The media is becoming fixated on the repair/rebuilding of just about every public piece of infrastructure in the known universe. And that’s a good thing.Not to mention replacing pipes of all varieties (oil, water, gas etc.) and the attendant support structures. Infrastructure bellwethers such as SNC Lavalin (TSX: SNC) is trading near it’s 52-week high at C$56, up from C$40 on Jan 1, 2016. Others and US peers have experienced comparable growth.

Not so for some juniors.

A Pure Infrastructure Play and More: Only C$0.30 a Share…



Enterprise Group’s Hart Oilfield Rentals: Custom, Cost-Effective Infrastructure


As a key component of parent Enterprise Group, Hart Oilfield Rentals brings a unique business approach to the group; just as other subsidiary’s Westar Oilfield Rentals, Calgary Tunnelling and Artic Therm.

Simply, if you are building a mining or oil business Hart rents customized equipment for project sites, drilling & completions and facilities that require mobile infrastructure.



Selling a Bit of Tesla? Pick up some Enterprise Group

Tesla’s enigmatic leader. Elon Musk is building a series of massive tunnels at Space X outside of LA through his boring company called, what else? The Boring Company. This initiative is the precursor to his ambitious plan for a series of tunnels throughout the US—and presumably the globe—for a super-fast commute. And proof of concept for a series of tunnels for inhabitants of Mars. Enigmatic.

Currently the tunnels are being built to transport autos via pods on underground rail tracks to speeds of 200 mph,


APT Systems, Inc(OTC Pink: APTY), a fully-reporting, publicly-traded, Fintech company, announced today it has begun testing its new KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) system and reports, to ensure its compliance with regulators. The Company’s application approval and support received from key third party data providers was critical to our business plan.

Cutting edge solutions like the ‘instant identity feature’ are delivered electronically and incorporate data designed to mitigate potential risks around and for members and vendors.

Verifundr instant electronic identity covers four key areas and is backed with intelligent due diligence processing:

Read more: https://investorsnews.ca/testing-phase-begins-for-kyc-and-aml-connectivity-by-verifundr-otc-pink-apty/ 

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